Mark Matthews Reading and Book Release March 27th

Event: Literary Reading

Where: Montour House Café & Tapas Bar, 401 W. Main St., Montour Falls, NY

When: Monday, March 27th at 7:00 PM

Contact: or

The Watkins Glen Writers Group presents a featured reading by Mark Matthews  as part of the Watkins Glen Reading Series on Monday, March 27th, 2017 at 7:00PM at the Montour House Café & Tapas Bar at 401 W. Main St., Montour Falls New York. It is also a book release for his chapbook, “The Lady of the Seneca Lake,” published this month by Light and Shadow Publishing & Illustrating.

Please note that we will be meeting early prior to the reading for a meal, snacks or drinks at 6:00 PM. Let’s be supportive of the cafe since they have graciously agreed to host us.

Mark Calvin Matthews, a writer and artist, resides in Watkins Glen, NY.

He has been a member of the Watkins Glen Writers Group since 2006, and has been a featured reader for the Watkins Glen Writers Group Reading Series. .He is a painter, working in oils and acrylics, with shows in Ithaca, Corning, and other locales coming soon.

He holds a Bachelors Degree from Elmira College in English Literature and Educational Studies.  His poem, “Aunt Pooh,” and selected short story, “Future Options,” were published in Sybil, the Elmira College literary magazine, consecutively in the 2006 and 2007 editions.

Mark is an educator, ranging from high school substitute teacher, to community college assistant soccer coach, to current instructor of students 2nd-5th grade at an after school Kids World program run by the YWCA of Elmira.

He is a Christian, now studying with Shepherd’s Chapel, a non-denominational church, out of Gravette, Arkansas.  He is also a game enthusiast—of collectible card games, and is a classic card shark, and chess aficionado.

For more info, you may call Charlotte Dickens at 910-988-2268 or you may e-mail or

How a Frosted Vintage Ruffle day lily brings a new dimension

Two friends and I went to Bakers Acres near Ithaca, NY for our annual trek. It is more than the usual greenhouse and garden supply place due to the great numbers of perennial flowering plants available and the gardens surrounding it. I try to connect the various areas of my life and this trip was no exception to this. I took my garden hat which had begun as an unadorned straw hat. I added a navy blue satin bow. The hat was made to match my navy dress that I wore to the Petersburg, VA arts and crafts festival we attended earlier in the month. The hat connects me to my new chapbook, “Garden and Sun,” which we took to the festival along with a book, My Florida Years, by Paul Dudley Bishop which was making its debut there. While my friends and I perused the goodies at Bakers Acres, I found a day lily that I fell in love with. The name of this lily was Frosted Vintage Ruffle. Since my historical novel that I am writing is set in 1823, the delicate vintage lily seemed the perfect new lily for this year’s garden, with its concerta canada pharmacy delicate pink, yellow and white hues. By buying and then planting this lily in the ground where my historical character lived, I am paying homage to her. It is then almost as if she is right here blooming in my garden. Not only is she existing in my first draft of my novel, the plant is a visual reminder of the woman on whom I am loosely basing my story and who once lived here long before me. A garden hat, my “Garden and Sun”chapbook, the vintage day lily, my character, Rachel all intersect and somewhere in this there is a wholeness in the making. In the process, I am finding new life and so is Rachel as she reaches out to me from the past. When the book is done, I hope she will also reach others.




Book Release in Petersburg, VA


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Light and Shadow Publishing & Illustrating proudly announces the initial book release of Paul Dudley Bishop’s art book, The Florida Years, this last month on June 13th, 2015 in Petersburg, VA at the River Street Arts Fest.

The art work features Audubonesque bird art from his years as a printmaker and bird artist in Florida, years when he sold thousands of his etchings and prints of Florida birds up and down the Southern East Coast. Prints featured in the book are examples of some of his work from those years. The book includes autobiographical information along with biological and environmental information about the Florida birds that are included in the book.

The Florida Years increases readers’ understanding of the life of a wild bird artist and Paul Dudley Bishop’s involvement and love of the natural word.

Light and Shadow offers this book for sale by contacting, Charlotte Jane Dickens at 4612 Kellogg Road, Burdett, New York 14818, phone 910-988-2268, e-mail at $12.00 per copy. Those interested may call , write or e-mail us to make payment and postal delivery arrangements.

The author and artist, Paul Dudley Bishop, now lives in Burdett, NY.  His art work has been represented for many years by the West End Gallery in Corning, New York. He is a graduate of Florida University with a Bachelor of Science in Ecology.

He worked for the State of Florida for a number of years for Florida’s Forest Service and later as an environmental educator and director of an environmental school in Volusia County, FL, prior to his becoming a full-time artist.

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He was a printmaker and later branched out into other arts media. Always his love of nature has been a connecting thread in his life. . For Light and Shadow information and activities visit my website at . For more information about the author and artist, Paul Dudley Bishop, you may also visit his website at


Charlotte Jane Dickens Literary Reading on May 18th, 2015

Event: Literary Reading Where: Montour House Cafe & Tapas Bar, 401 W. Main St.,Montour Falls, NY When: Monday, May 18th, beginning at 6:00 pm Contact: e-mail or call 910-988-2268 The Watkins Glen Writers Group presents a featured reading by Charlotte Jane Dickens from Burdett, NY as part of the Watkins Glen Reading Series on Monday, May 18th 7:00 PM at the Montour House Cafe & Tapas Bar at 401 W. Main St. Montour Falls, NY. Please note that we will be meeting early prior to the reading for a meal, snacks or

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drinks at 6:00 PM. Let’s be supportive since the cafe has so graciously agreed to host us. Charlotte Jane Dickens is a poet and fiction writer. She has a chapbook of poetry, “The Order of Things,” published in 2002 by FootHills Publishing, and a recently published poetry chapbook in March 2015 called “Garden and Sun,” by her small press, Light and Shadow Publishing & Illustrating. Last year her memoir piece, “The Life of a Dress” was published in the May/June issue of GOOD OLD DAYS magazine. She has facilitated the Watkins Glen Writers Group and organized the Watkins Glen Reading Series for over twenty years. She earned her Bachelors of Arts Degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Empire State College and her Masters of Arts Degree in 2011 in Liberal Studies at Empire State College concentrating mainly on three disciplines–history, writing and psychology. She is retired from Schuyler County DSS. An open reading will follow the featured reading after a short break. . FOR MORE INFO PLEASE EMAIL CHARLOTTE DICKENS or call 910-988-2268

In the Shadow of the Dickens House

In the Shadow By Charlotte Jane (White) Dickens For shadow there must be two things present. First, the light, there must always be sunlight. Then there must be something blocking the light so that it is darkened as it reaches the ground. In the accompanying illustration the Dickens’ house blocks the light. It is the standing house that blocks the light. This house has stood for at least 150 years, and has blocked the light in just the same way as it does today. Little has changed with it since it first stood. The house is nearly the same. The people who occupy it are different. Different families, different backgrounds, but essentially we are the same. How do I know? Partly I know this from historical research—partly from intuition. We came here for solace, as a place to lick our wounds, a place to start again. In providing this for us, the house also throws shadows. We found enough light to grow, even to thrive sometimes, and other times to live in the shadows. pharmacy in canada First to live here and to build this house were the Browns. As far as I can determine, they were the first family to live here although

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they were not the first owners. It was previously owned. Maybe the land was temporarily lived on prior to the Browns, but the owner left and did not reside here when it was sold to the Richard Manning in 1827 and later ownership was passed to Richard’s sister-in-law Rhoda Brown in 1828. The Browns were a troubled family. They came here to start again, after they lost their lands in the township of Dryden, the last being their farm there in August of 1823. In 1825, I pick up the family’s residence in the Town of Hector from census records. Whether they came directly here, or lived somewhere else for a time I have not determined. I have found that the farm was purchased in her name,

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rather than the name of her husband, Israel, whom I later found reference to in a biographical sketch of their grandson, who lived in Michigan. There it said that the son, Anthony, gave up a legal career to assist the family in farming due to Israel Brown’s becoming insane as a result of viagra what is it their loss of the farm. Here they began again. Israel and Rhoda’s son, Nathan, acquired the farm in 1844 and apparently prospered. He had become the owner of several pieces of additional property in his lifetime. At his death, several people owed money in notes to him. In between their ownership and my family’s, several people owned the farm, including one of Nathan’s sons for a short time. A family by the name of Mulligan lived here for a viagra walmart time, before the next long-term residents, my family, the Whites. My grandparents had lost their fruit farm on Seneca Lake in default on an FHA loan in the later 1930’s, after weather ruined fruit crops in 1935 from the flood of that year, and a heavy frost in 1937. In the year 1938, they moved here to a hillside farm with a new note from FHA for a less expensive farm. Here the Frank White family, my grandparents, cheap generic viagra found their new beginning. My grandfather and grandmother, with help from two of their children, Anna White, and my father, Herbert White, were able to purchase and pay for this place. My father lived on his own farm, a purchased one room school house and a farm bought on quick claim deed from the County, claimed by the county for unpaid taxes. My aunt was deeded the place here by my grandfather. When my grandmother died and my aunt no longer able to live here, my ex-husband and I bought it from her in 1967. My husband and I parted eventually after dairy farming here beginning in 1978 through 1998. We split the farm property and there are again two homes here, as there were for a time in the Brown years of ownership. This house I still live in is the one that they made from the two houses, which both existed sometime after 1850, yet became one at some point before 1874. Light shines upon it and yet there are also many shadows. I have named my small press publishing company, Light and Shadow Publishing & Illustrating. This year we put out a chapbook of poetry by me called Garden and Sun, a poetry chapbook by my life partner, Paul Dudley Bishop, called Gathering the Sun and several others, but often sun and shadow are important themes in our publications. I am also writing a novel loosely based on Rhoda and Israel Brown’s lives here. I’m hoping that it will be published, once it is finished, and that the funds from it will help with the restoration and upkeep of this old, Greek Revival farmhouse. My hope is that it continues to have sunlight shine upon it and yet deflect the brightest rays to throw shadows. We need the shadows to show us how to appreciate the sun. Right now,

no one much cares about this old home like I do. But as a place of solace and welcome to people who come here, it needs to continue.

Poetry Chapbook Released and Other News

We at Light and Shadow Publishing & Illustrating have released my new chapbook of poetry, Garden and Sun, in early March. For its initial public presentation we took it to Elizabeth City, NC for the First Friday Art Walk in that city, where it was available at Studio 511. We sold our first copies to the public in a city where, on our first day there, temperatures were in the 70’s, a welcome change from the zero and subzero temperatures we had been experiencing at home. A new venue, warm temperatures, and the opportunity to talk about poetry to people we had never met was an opportunity we were glad to experience. At Light and Shadow Publishing & Illustrating, we are busily putting together a book by Paul Dudley Bishop called The Florida Years, a small book filled with color illustrations and his description of his experiences of his many years as a wild bird artist in Florida. The several color reprints of artwork included are, in his words, but “a sketch” of some of that art that sold by the thousands as etchings and prints in his years as a printmaker in the 1970’s through the 1990’s. However, they are a sampling and representative of his wild bird art and his accompanying descriptions tell of his knowledge and experience with wild bird art. In those years, he traveled throughout many of the eastern seaboard states to art shows selling these and many other works of bird art. Now, we will be taking our work on the road and doing arts & craft shows and sales with our books and art illustrations produced here at our publishing company. Both Garden and Sun and The Florida Years will be available for sale for $10.00 each in these venues. You may also contact us directly at: or through the company website at, where you may find author information about me. You may view Paul Dudley Bishop’s

website at for more biographical information about him. There will be more publishing efforts coming soon here at Light and Shadow. We will be posting future endeavors and events in addition to a blog on my website. If you wish to sign up for future e-mails please visit the website at to be added to our e-mail list. Phone—910-988-2268 cell phone Light and Shadow Publishing & Illustrating 4612 Kellogg Road Burdett, NY 14818 A sample poem from Garden and Sun— I AM A STALKER By Charlotte Jane Dickens Quietly I move— To evade discovery, I find myself hiding, Moving slowly, Deliberately, Every move calculated. You, my prey, seem to have seen, As you flit about, Here, there, everywhere, But you keep returning Back to the nectar, Drawn by its power, All the while elusive, But finally— I capture you on film For the world to see Diabolical activity As you drain from the lily Some of its life-force And deposit what you can. Seeing me you fly Somewhere else And I do not follow. Your mission done. I have an image, Proof of your deed, Black Butterfly.

Garden and Sun Chapbook and Chapbook Holder